Top 10 Benefits of Link 50 Stock Control Management

Sage 50 is the accounts software which can certainly bring plenty of benefits to your business. However, with adding G-SMart Link 50 you can transform your accounts system into a fully functioning warehouse management system. This allows you to manage and track many factors, and while the list of advantages seems infinite, we have just ten here for you to understand just a few of the benefits this system provides.

Simple integration with Sage 50 turns your accounts system into a full inventory management system, meaning you have access to all these ten benefits and much more…


  1. On the Move

In this day and age, we are constantly on the move. Even more so within a warehouse environment. Link 50 added to your accounts software allows you to be constantly on the go while checking, analysing data looking up stock or finding the location of a product. Inventory is managed through wireless and handheld scanners, and the data is uploaded electronically, meaning no more clipboards, or even a pen!

  1. Increase Visibility

Most firms can face challenges of how to implement an honest and open environment about structures and procedures. Whether this be someone not taking responsibility for something or a mistake in inventory tracking. Having stock control management such as Link 50 eliminates any worry as it allows you to maintain transparency with product tracking and employees.

  1. Create Custom Labels

A true strength of a company can lie in its ability to be different within a huge market. Professional labels for your assets are possible with Link 50 and allows you to create labels of different sizes, formats and styles. You will also be able to produce information according to specific needs within your business model. Your labels can be scanned through third-party scanners too!

  1. Accuracy of Data

By using barcode label printers and asset tracking systems, you can refine your inventory and reduce the possibility of incorrect data records. The information which can be held in a single barcode is up to 7000 characters. This equals to a lot of details of about assets. Your employees will be able to access this information anywhere and at any time, making everyday tasks much easier, and faster.

  1. Employee Productivity

Alongside the advantages of speed and efficiency comes the added benefit of increased staff productivity. What was previously a task of manual labour, is now automated. Your employees will now have time to focus on other jobs. Everything will be much more streamlined and quicker, meaning happy employees and satisfied customers.

  1. Reduce Costs

By keeping a track of your assets, you can not only save time but money too. With such precision in data, you will be able to find out what item is where at any time from any place.  By utilising Link 50 and tracking inventory you either have on hand or ordered you save the effort of doing an inventory count yourself, which means fewer employee costs. You will know how much stock you have or need, meaning no over or under ordering, again saving money. Time is money.

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  1. Efficiency Across Your Business

Cordless barcode scanners are just the start of efficiency within your business. While all the systems link up, every area of the business will feel the benefits. The accounts office will become more streamlined, with the staff in the warehouse feeling much more confident about their day to day jobs. Every member of staff will soon see a newly organised and efficient workplace.

  1. Customer Service Quality

Great stock control software essentially keeps your customers coming back for more. You will be able to meet customer demand quickly and this will also allow you to meet higher demand by having the right products on hand. As soon as your customers need the item, you will have it, quicker and more efficiently. You will also be able to tell them there and then whether the item is in stock, on its way or if you need to order more.

  1. Detect a Problem Early

Your stock control software will allow you to detect a problem earlier than if the process was manual. The sheer accuracy and accessibility of the barcode scanners will allow quick analysis of data, meaning you have more time to respond and resolve any problems. Whether an item is out of stock or you have lost the location of a certain asset, this can be easily solved with the touch of a button.

  1. Inventory Loss

Inventory loss is a given in any warehouse environment, however, if you have a streamlined and efficient technology to track assets such as Link 50 you can reduce or even eliminate it. By keeping an eye on your stock control software, you can keep track of all assets at any time, meaning spotting any issues early, keeping on top of inventory and knowing where inventory is.

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