How Your Business Benefits from Sage 50 Stock Control in 2020 & Beyond

2020 has been a transformative year for businesses all over. As we head towards the end of the year, you have likely made some serious changes to your working practices to cope with the government guidelines and recommendations for dealing with Coronavirus. As a result, there has never been a better time to update your warehouse management system to Sage 50.

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Sage 50 stock and inventory control can completely transform the way your warehouse operates. The seamless integration from your current system to Sage 50 allows you to automate stock control with none of the complexities of completely overhauling the entire system. Here are all the ways Sage 50 can help your business in 2020 and beyond.

Accurate Stock Taking

Stock-taking is the pinnacle of any warehouse or factory environment; it’s one of those fundamental elements of the industry that you need to get right; otherwise, you could see your cash flow plummet. If you are still using a pen and paper or simple spreadsheets to keep track of your stock, there’s a good chance that you are making costly errors.

Entering data manually has been shown to cause an average of one error every 300 characters, compared to one in three million when using an automated stock-taking system.

When you adopt a barcoding system and integrate it with Sage 50, you can record the movement of all your stock. Goods that are received, recorded and stored are all recorded using barcodes scanners, which simplifies and speeds up the process. You can have the confidence that your stock-taking is accurate, and mistakes are avoided. In today’s climate with many businesses struggling, you cannot afford to make mistakes.

Location Tracking

Without the use of asset tracking systems, warehouse managers are relying on outdated methods. These include warehouse managers allotting stock to certain zones without a warehouse, designating their placement manually based on criteria such as perishability, value, size or popularity.

These basic systems have been sufficient for SMEs just starting out, but they require a lot of resources and planning. As warehouse operations become more complex and intricate with multiple stock lines from various suppliers and variations on products, warehouses need more accurate location management to get stock moving faster and more effectively.

With Sage 50, you can allocate stock at levels within the business across different locations. You will always know exactly where all your inventory is located, allowing you to process orders faster and increase customer satisfaction. Stock is less likely to be misplaced and go missing, and, should issues arise, you will always know where something should be and keep track of its last known location.

In this post-COVID era, all aspects of warehouse management need to be optimised to ensure no stock is wasted. Sage 50 can help you eliminate uncertainty about stock location.

Real-Time Data

Real-time data is crucial in a warehouse environment. Knowing the exact moment that you need to re-order stock or figure out how stock is performing in sales can help transform your business. When you link your products in Sage 50, you gain the advantage of knowing exactly what is happening with your stock in real-time. This data can then be used to make business-savvy decisions with the numbers to back it up.

Businesses with data have a competitive edge on the competition. They can use their data to drive efficiency, find ways to cut costs, cut down on stock holding and improve customer service overall. To keep up with the drastic changes in workplace practices, you need to harness as much data as possible so you can make effective changes, and Sage 50 can help.

Mobile Working

In the era of COVID-19, mobility has never been so crucial. One of the critical factors of halting the spread of the virus has been the importance of social distancing. All industries have had to make changes to the way they work so they can keep both their staff and customers at a safe distance of one or two metres apart. When you utilise mobile barcode scanners, you can enable your workers to socially distance more effectively.

The entire process of stock management will not only be sped up by your worker’s ability to scan and report on stock-taking on the go, but they can effectively adhere to government social distancing guidelines. When workers no longer have to crowd around one stationary terminal to input data, they can keep safe on the job and complete their tasks more efficiently.

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Remove Shipping Errors

When you manually process the check-ins and outs for goods, human errors can occur, such as the acceptance of non-authorised returns or incorrect orders from suppliers.

By linking your products and orders to Sage 50, the system can prevent shipping errors. When you fulfil orders, a worker scans the item with a mobile barcode scanner, but if the item is incorrect, the system will let the operator know of the mistake. Barcoding systems can instil a greater sense of quality control into a warehouse environment, giving warehouse staff more peace of mind.

Increased Cash Flow

A lack of cash flow is one of the key reasons that SMEs go into administration. With the onset of COVID-19, there is likely to be a significant increase is businesses going under, so ensuring that your business operations are as efficient as they can be is crucial to staying afloat during this difficult time.

With that extra cash saved by reducing stock-taking errors, you can keep it to bump up other areas of the business that might be struggling during this time. Sage 50 will increase stock visibility, helping you move it more quickly and release the cash invested in it, allowing you to boost your business.

At GSM Barcoding, we can provide you with integrated barcoding solutions, including Sage 50 Stock Control. Making the transition is simple, with no risk to your data. Our team can install and train your staff to have complete confidence using the system. Contact us today to find out more.

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