How to Use Sage 50 for Warehouse Management

Effective warehouse management is a crucial component of a successful business. Warehouse operations can make or break the supply chain, so managers need to know exactly how to optimise their processes to ensure everything is running smoothly. They also must consistently update procedures to reflect changes in the industry or external changes, such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

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An effective stock control system will allow you to manage your stock levels and locations accurately, ensuring you can do quick and accurate inventory checks and keep your customers informed about supply and delivery. Reducing costs tied up in stock, so improving the processing of orders and delivery is paramount to increasing the bottom line, allowing you to compete more effectively in the market.

Sage 50 stock control can be integrated into your supply chain, turning it into a fully complete warehouse management system. Here’s what you need to know about turning your Sage 50 Account System into a warehouse management tool and how it can help your business.

G-Smart Link 50

You can transform your Sage 50 system into a functioning warehouse management tool with the G-Smart Link 50 add on. It bolts onto your existing Sage software allowing you to create a complete barcode inventory system for your warehouse supply chain.

Our in-house Sage developers created G-Smart, so you can rest assured that the software will integrate perfectly into the system you’re currently using. With G-Smart, you can see accurate, real-time data about your stock levels within Sage. Streamline your stock control process with G-Mart and see how much your efficiency improves. With all this additional functionality, you can significantly reduce your warehouse costs, benefitting the bottom line.

Our barcode software is designed to yield maximum productivity. We have a number of additional upgrades available that allow your Sage 50 functionality to grow according to your business needs. With our system, you manage your stock with handheld wireless barcode scanners, which significantly reduces human error thanks to the accuracy of the scanners, and allows your workers the freedom to move about the entire warehouse and not be tied down to stationary terminals. With G-Smart Link 50 for your Sage software, you can do away with outdated pens and clipboards and bring your warehouse into the future.

With your new fully integrated Sage 50 system, you can:

  • Store and view stock in multiple locations in real-time.
  • Eliminate stock-taking errors thanks to its use of barcodes.
  • Get full batch control management.
  • Print barcodes.
  • Track serialised stock from receipt to despatch.
  • Create work orders and manage bills.
  • Schedule courier collections and label printing.
  • Integrate stock control and Sage.
  • Take orders anywhere with browser-based mobility.
  • Improve cash flow and invoicing.
  • Scan goods to reduce errors and false returns.
  • Increased Productivity.
Rows of shelves with goods boxes in huge distribution warehouse at industrial storage factory.

Benefits of a Fully Integrated Warehouse System

When inventory management is optimised, workers are free to be more productive elsewhere in the business. Taking stock manually is time-consuming and monotonous, so when you take advantage of mobile barcode scanners, you speed up the process and allow employees to be more productive.

  • No Inaccuracies

Manual stock-taking is prone to human error. It’s very easy for someone to input the wrong number, which could have a significant, costly impact down the line. With a warehouse management system, the data taking process is entirely automated, so there is no room for error. With barcode scanners, you cut down the chances are mistakes occurring, as inventory levels can always be viewed in real-time.

  • Data-Driven

Making data-driven decisions is key to improving your business. The best way to ensure you make decisions that will benefit the bottom line is to use accurate, real-time data to back up your decisions. When you have a fully integrated warehouse management system, you can plan for the future with accurate numbers.

You can monitor your stock’s quantity and value and receive automatic updates to stock levels in real-time. The system’s interface shows you the top and bottom performing products in your business, allowing you to get a clearer picture of how certain items are performing, so you can make business-savvy decisions backed up by data.

  • Increased Profits

Any changes to your warehouse operations should be done with the goal of increasing the bottom line. When you use a warehouse management system like G-Smart, you will see your profits rise. The system will provide you with the data you need to make cost-saving decisions.

Woman in white uniform using tablet in warehouse.

There are so many reasons to invest in G-Smart Link 50 for Sage 50. If you’d like to learn more about Sage products and barcoding solutions and how they can help your warehouse operations, contact GSM Barcoding today.

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