How a Simple Add on in Sage 50 Can Transform Your Business

Running a warehouse or factory within your business can be an arduous task, especially when it comes to the location and management of inventory.  If you already have a Sage 50 accounts system, you can improve this by installing a simple add on to equip your business with a fully functioning warehouse management system, with barcodes, to optimise your tracking and administration in real time.

But what is this add-on, how exactly can it transform your business and what are the benefits?

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What is Sage 50?

Sage 50 is the UK leading accounts software for SME’s and has many great features but one thing that it lacks is barcode stock control and tracking.

Your Sage software can mean many things for your business,  allowing you to add sales orders and purchase orders and provides visibility for your accounts team.  Through a simple add on it can become much more than just a basic accounts software. Through the addition of G-SMart link 50, you create a fully integrated barcode inventory system.

What is Link 50?

Link 50 is an add on to your Sage 50 software which transforms your standard software into a fully functional warehouse management system. If your business has stock but you have been struggling to find a cost-effective solution to add barcode technology into your operations, then Link 50 can solve this.

Link 50 has been developed to give business operations all the functionality and structure required for their warehouse processes without an expensive and complicated new system. By adding Link50 to Sage 50 you can benefit from adding advanced barcoding modules to your business operations as your business grows.

The benefits and features of Link 50 include:

  • Track stock with barcodes – Eliminates errors and speeds up processes
  • Manage stock in multiple locations – See what stock you have and where
  • Serial number tracking – Track individual item serial numbers for quality, returns/repairs
  • Stock taking and Auditing – Quick, easy and automatic stock takes
  • Goods in and out receipts- Ensuring the correct items are received and dispatched
  • Ad-hoc receipt/despatch – Quickly book items without prior sales/purchase orders
  • Bill of materials – Track all items and components in an assembly or bundle



Efficiency with Money and Time

The integration of Link 50 to Sage 50 stock control means that your business can improve its efficiency in running your warehouse or distribution, making tasks much more organised and efficient. All products in Sage are now barcoded in Link 50 and through the add-on, all sales orders and purchase orders are visible and can be processed within Link50.  You can save time by not having to double check the stock process for possible mistakes, eliminating manual stock takes, and improve accuracy by barcode printing stock.

Link 50 provides real time, accurate information direct to mobile handsets, saving any potential mistakes from members of staff as well as preventing any need to hire extra staff for these types of tasks, which means further cost savings. You can also save money due to:

  • No inventory loss
  • No human errors
  • No over ordering due to knowing what existing stock you have

The time and money which was previously spent keeping stock in order can be reduced through the Link50 barcode inventory system and barcoding of stock.

Increase Productivity and Accuracy

Manual stock control and management are open to human error, which is not only inefficient in terms of time and finances but also decreases accuracy and productivity.

It can be challenging to keep on top of purchases, sales and inventory, especially if you are overseeing a large factory or warehouse. However, through the use of efficient software such as Link 50, you can prevent any mishaps with improved mobile visibility.

When processes are more streamlined in this way, tasks are carried out much more accurately, and the staff that previously spent much of their time organising and controlling stock can increase their productivity in processing goods received and dispatch faster.

Faster and Smoother Process

When it comes to any business, ensuring tasks are carried out quickly is always essential, and when processes are slow it can become a big problem, risking missing a customers order date or making errors.

Manual stock taking can take hours, and sometimes days, which can always depend on the amount of staff you have on hand and the amount of stock there is to handle. However, with automated stock control, you can input information and account for inventory much quicker especially when you have a handheld reader and an efficient labelling and barcoding method.

To meet the rapid growth of businesses into online retailing, customer demands and the constant need for new and innovative technology, here at GSM Barcoding, we have commissioned this barcode stock control system to help transform your business and its structure, creating a more streamlined and smoothly operated company.

If you would like any further information about the G-SMart Link 50 or any other products which would help you achieve your ideal barcoding solutions, we would be more than happy to assist and answer any of your questions. Simply get in touch with our friendly team.

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