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      Barcoding Add-on for Sage 50

      Add Sage 50 stock and inventory control to your accounts system for a fully functioning warehouse management solution, with G-SMart Link 50.

      Barcode, track and manage your inventory in real-time within Sage 50:

      • Eliminate manual record keeping
      • Track your stock from the time it enters the warehouse until it ships
      • Conduct stock-takes quickly with 100% accuracy
      • Know the exact location and count of your inventory in real-time
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      #1 Sage Barcoding Experts

      Our experienced in-house development team, work with Sage to ensure that Link 50 interfaces seamlessly with Sage 50. Our qualified developers, continuously develop and support Link 50 to ensure that it works flawlessly and fulfils your stock control and operational requirements. With our continuous investment, we have introduced browser-based accessibility, Android app’s for handheld computers and advanced modules for bill of materials (BOM), batch tracking and serial tracing. We continue to invest in product improvements and support, leading the industry in barcoding for Sage 50.

      Over 40 years industry experience, we can advise on your Sage barcode solution.


      Perform mobile barcoding & warehouse management with seamless integration to Sage 50

      Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your stock control with mobile scanning of barcoded inventory linked to your sage 50 system.   The G-SMart Link 50 add-on allows you to automate stock control at a fraction of the cost of upgrading to Sage 200 and with none of the complexities of installing an alternative enterprise system.

      Making the transition to barcoding is simple, with no risk to your sage data.  There is no re-keying of any data that you already have in Sage 50.  Your Sage product and sales/purchase order data are pulled seamlessly into Link 50 and when stock movements are made in Link 50 they are again seamlessly pushed back into Sage – in real time.

      • Automate – Track stock via barcodes linked to your Sage 50 system
      • Seamless Integration – Qualified Sage developer installation & support
      • Browser-based & Android Application – For mobile barcoding & operations
      • Real-time – Stock, sales and purchase order updates  

      Our team have put mobility at the core of the software design.  The Link 50 browser-based application, provides your warehouse workers complete mobility to scan and access data using mobile computers.  With wireless mobile computers, workers can make the full use of warehouse space whilst speeding up picking and stock-takes.


      Stock control solutions for SME’s


      For small businesses, the prospect of making the switch from manual record keeping of stock to a barcode system may seem daunting or even risky.  Link 50 makes the process simple and with the support of experts at GSM Barcoding, you will be installed and trained with 100% confidence.

      There is no risk to your data and no disruption.  With Link 50 you will be able to use your existing data in Sage without interruption to your business processes and procedures, Link 50 simply adds barcoding and stock control management to your Sage 50 system, you can immediately see the benefits including:

      • Fast Scanning of goods in/out – reduced errors and false returns
      • Easy location ID and fast, error-free picking
      • Quick and accurate stock-takes with mobile scanning
      • Simple printing of barcode direct from Link 50
      • Improved warehouse control and reporting
      • New – Electronic sign on glass proof of delivery (POD) capture

      The Link 50 software is flexible and designed to be modular to fit around you.  Small businesses can install the basic stock taking and location management system and then upgrade to more advanced modules such as batch tracking and serial tracking as and when it may be required.


      Advanced batch, serial and BOM tracking

      Manage serial, batch and component level tracking with Link 50 advanced modules

      Take your business operations to another level with the advanced Link 50 modules.  Our optional modules allow your business to perform complex business operations that are not available in Sage 50.

      Batch Control 

      Our batch control module is ideal for businesses that want to add batch control functionality without the need to upgrade to Sage 200.  With batch tracking, you can track your stock back to their original source, essential for compliance-heavy industries like food, chemical and pharmaceuticals.  With a unique barcode allocated to each batch, Link 50 batch controls manage the location, expiry date and stock quantity with a full history for complete traceability.

      Serial Tracking 

      The Serial tracking module allows operations to track high-value items such as electrical equipment and computers at the individual item level for warranty and repair purposes.  A necessary compliance in many supply chains, the serialisation of your stock also facilitates recalls if required.  Serial tracking in Link 50 automates the serial tracing process and saves your business time and money.

      Bill Of Materials (BOM)

      If your business bundles items for dispatch or assembles individual items into a product build, then the Link 50 Bill of material (BOM) module allows you to do this within Sage 50.  Each ‘Build’ is allocated a barcode with each individual component also being individually barcoded.  This allows for greater tracking across the business.

      G-SMart Link50 software can grow with your needs by installing modular upgrades in the future.  Speak to one of our advisor’s today for a free consultancy.


      Sage 50 bill of materials


      Electronic Warehouse introduces Link 50

      “Barcoding scanning to track our stock has improved our accuracy and speeded up our warehouse operations. The stock is easier to locate and we can track our operations in real-time with the G-SMart Link 50 Software”.
      Justin Davidson - Financial Controller

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