Don’t Let Growth Become a Problem – Managing Stock with G-SMart Link 50

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The growth of any business is exciting; it means that the company has had apparent success by receiving more orders and employing more staff. If this sounds familiar and your business is experiencing growth, you must know how to manage and handle your warehouse to ensure that the expansion doesn’t add too much pressure onto you or any other area of your company. 

The last thing you want for your business is for it to crumble due to staff stress, waiting customers, and poor stock management. 

That is why, in today’s blog, we’re looking into how not to let growth become a problem. We will be discussing how to recognise when your business is growing so you can be best prepared and what to do to stay in control when you have expanded. We are also spotlighting G-SMart Link 50 – a stock control add-on software for Sage 50.  

How To Recognise When Your Business is Growing 

There are several factors to look out for to help you prepare for the growth of your business – let’s take a look. 

  • You have increased interest in your goods or services. If interest in your business has risen and looks like it’s staying that way, then investing in a proper sage inventory system is a great idea. 
  • There is pressure on your current staff. If your current staff members have a lot on their plate, it’s probably a good idea to start advertising for jobs in your warehouse. This gives more people the opportunity for warehouse experience and reduces pressure and stress on your employees. 
  • You can never prepare too early. Even if your business is starting up, or you have no plans to grow your company, you can never be entirely sure on the direction it will take or when a flurry of orders will come in. It is best practice to be aware of these signs and have the right stock system software implemented just in case. 

How to Expand Your Warehouse Without Letting the Growth Become a Problem  

If you want or need to expand your warehouse, but you have concerns about letting the growth of your business become a problem, then GSM Barcoding can help. We have warehouse management systems to suit every workplace. It’s essential to have suitable management systems in place, whether you’re looking for a barcoding system to speed up efficiency or a stock control system to keep on track of your orders. One of our warehouse management solutions is G-SMart Link 50 – let’s find out more. 

Barcoding technology for warehouse

What is G-SMart Link 50 for Sage 50? 

Sage 50 is an accounting software developed for small to medium-sized businesses. This incredible software improves your warehouse’s efficiency, productivity, and functionality with the help of its add on G-SMart Link 50 – developed by GSM Barcoding. G-SMart Link 50 comes with an abundance of benefits that can help you manage your stock day-to-day, as well as if you’re experiencing growth. One of Sage 50 and G-SMart Link 50’s best functions is their ability to connect multiple devices around your warehouse, so everyone has the most up-to-date stock information – reducing miscommunication in the workplace.  

G-SMart Link 50 can be fully integrated with Sage 50 – expanding your warehouse stock control solutions and providing you with more ways to manage your business. It transforms Sage 50 from accounting software used to track orders and sales to a specialised warehouse management system used for stock control. 

G-SMart Link 50’s Stock Management Solutions  

G-SMart Link 50 stock control is a fantastic management solution for a warehouse experiencing growth – let’s take a look at some of its stock control and management solutions. 

  • Multiple locations connected through Wi-Fi. As mentioned, G-SMart Link 50 can be implemented around your warehouse, so you can store and view stock in real-time no matter where you are. 
  • Seamlessly connect Sage 50 to G-SMart Link 50. All information, including batch numbers, barcodes, and products, can be seamlessly shifted to G-SMart Link 50 from Sage 50. 
  • Available on handheld devices. No need to run back and forth between computers in your warehouse; this software is available on handheld devices so you can take all the information you need wherever you need it. 
  • Track stock locations. Can’t find a particular product? G-SMart Link 50 can help you locate what you’re searching for quickly and easily, so you don’t waste any time. 
  • Multiple barcodes. Add multiple barcodes to items in your inventory that happen to cross-reference. 

Warehouse barcoding technology

How You Can Implement G-SMart Link 50 Into Your Business 

As you can see, G-SMart Link 50 is a fantastic way to manage your stock and stay in control of your warehouse while your business grows. 

If you’re interested in implementing this software into your warehouse, consider choosing GSM Barcoding. We have a fantastic range of other warehouse management systems that could also be suited to your business. To stay up to date with our systems, hardware, and services, take a look at our blog – we post industry news, product information, and warehouse management solutions so you can stay up-to-date with the latest information. 

For anything else, our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly team is on hand to answer your queries or help set you up with what you need, so contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you. 

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