DBM Packaging Improves Warehouse Operations with G-SMart Link 50 Software

Client: DBM Packaging

Location: Grangemouth, Scotland

Industry: Packaging

Solution: G-SMart Link 50 Software

DBM Packaging

About the Client

DBM Packaging supply packaging to the food industry, partnering with a number of major manufacturers. The company are based in the Falkirk area of Scotland and have nearly 20 years’ experience within the industry.

The Problem

With ever-evolving accreditation requirements within the food industry, DBM Packaging was faced with the issue of maintaining a traceable stock history. It was essential that we also considered the fact that the customers of DBM Packaging often order large quantities of food trays which are delivered in multiple shipments. This meant that it was critical that the solution allowed for the handling of partial shipments whilst maintaining a comprehensive stock movement history. The G-SMart Link 50 software was chosen to provide effective stock management with the capacity to maintain a full stock movement history.

The Solution

We were approached by Audrey Mclean, the office manager for DBM Packaging who wished to find an effective way of managing and tracing stock history.

Audrey stated:

“We were looking for a stock control system that could help us to gain BRC Global Standard accreditation for the food industry.”

It was important that we understood the way in which the warehouse worked previously, identifying the shortcomings and requirements of the operations at that time. This allowed us to recognise the G-SMart Link 50 Software as the ideal solution for the needs of the company.

The problems raised required a software that could provide a level of traceability that was not possible previously. This led us to the G-SMart Link 50 Software which allows for the tracking and managing of inventory in real time.

After identifying the ideal solution for DBM Packaging, it was essential that the staff received thorough training, allowing them to transition to the use of our software as smoothly as possible.

G-Smart Link 50

The Results

The G-SMart Link 50 stock control system was installed, and the staff were trained to use it effectively.

The benefits quickly became apparent, as just two months after the software was installed, DBM Packaging passed their audit on the first attempt.

This technology will also improve the day-to-day running of the company, allowing them to have improved management of their stock, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

“GSMart Link50 was installed, personnel trained, and we passed our audit at the first attempt within 2 months of the installation. The BRC Auditor was impressed by the batch tracking data we were able to supply and said this was one of the better stock systems they had seen.”

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