Zebra Approved Solutions Partner

Zebra are a leading global provider of barcode and label printing technology, and Zebra label printers enable organisations to label and track inventory and assets for improved productivity and visibility.  As one of the largest manufacturers of Zebra label printers, Zebra technologies provides a full range of printing solutions, including direct and thermal printers, Zebra barcode printers, mobile printers, RFID printers and card printers, enabling your business to print labels, cards, and various business documents on demand.

GSM Barcoding have been working with Zebra as an approved solution partner for many years developing solutions based on the latest world-leading technologies, and incorporating them into Zebra industrial printers for a wide range of clients. Our experience and strong relationship with Zebra allows our experienced team to provide you with the right support for your Zebra barcode printers when you need it.


The Next Generation of Zebra Label Printers

The impressive portfolio of Zebra label printers boasts abilities to provide further insight into assets and data that are a part of a business’s operations, helping to plan for a more efficient future. Aside from the durability, reliability and ease of use that is integral to all zebra label printers, desktop and mobile, there are some exciting new facets to expand and enhance the performance you can already appreciate.

To continue with great decision making and optimal efficiency, models such as the ZD620 Zebra desktop printer takes inspiration from the industry-leading GX series. This results in state-of-the-art features including that of a full and improved range of connectivity options with fast wireless connections and a colour LCD interface, making print set-up and status as easy as you’d like it to be.

Further feature advancements include future ready adaptability and functionality with onsite upgrade, advance management and monitoring through the likes of Cloud OS as seen in the ZT610/620 models that build upon the legacy of the ix4 range. Finally, you can enjoy faster printing of the zebra labels, user friendly & intuitive interface and design of the ZD420/620 and an increased memory.